Temporary, portable, and supplemental heating solutions for every jobsite.

From one heater to a hundred heater system, Sunbelt Rentals specializes in getting businesses ready for the cold weather ahead.

Meeting your temporary, portable, supplemental, or emergency heating rental needs has never been easier. Our team of heating experts will respond 24/7 to design and engineer the right heating application to meet your business’s specific project needs.

Our heating fleet includes direct-fired, indirect-fired, flameless, hydronic/ground, electric, steam, torpedo heaters, and heat pumps. Our extensive rental fleet includes the most requested items by businesses like yours listed below.

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Direct-Fired Recirculating

  • Great for fireproofing and concrete pours
  • Propane or natural gas options
  • Features optional thermostat with lockbox
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use

Direct-Fired Makeup Air

  • Great for temporary heat for buildings under construction
  • Propane or natural gas options
  • Features modulating burner controls, centrifugal blower wheel design, and remote thermostat


  • Great for interior finish work
  • Propane, natural gas, or diesel
  • Variety of power options, including 110V
  • Features 100% combustion-free warm air supply

Self-Contained Heaters

  • Great for construction, industrial, and oil and gas sites
  • 100% self-contained with no extra fuel storage needed
  • On-board generator that requires no outside electric power

Heat Pumps

  • Great for supplemental and emergency heating, cooling, and dehumidification
  • Variety of power options, including 110V
  • Features high capacity 1- to 12-ton heating and cooling capacity
  • Heating, cooling, and dehumidification from one source

Electric Heaters

  • Great for enclosed construction sites, construction drying, and commercial heating
  • Variety of power options, including 110V
  • Features clean, odorless heat for enclosed spaces
  • Moisture-free, recirculating, and ductable

Hydronic Heaters

  • Great for ground thawing and concrete curing
  • On-board generator that requires no outside power
  • Features thermostat with lockbox
  • Large-capacity tanks provide 78 to 140 hours of run time

Steam Heaters

  • Great for utilities and plants
  • On-site central steam or hot-water boiler
  • Features heating capacity of up to 684,000 BTU/h (at 75 lbs. PSI of steam)

Fuel Tanks

  • Provide extended run times for all types of diesel-driven equipment
  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Several sizes available

Containment Berms

  • Ideal solution for secondary containment on all diesel-powered equipment
  • Various sizes ensure equipment can be efficiently contained
  • Can be used in conjunction with any piece of equipment that houses fuel or oil

The Sunbelt Promise

We promise our customers we will MAKE IT HAPPEN by quickly and easily providing the equipment solutions and services you expect.