Sunbelt Rentals has a custom cooling solution for every application

VIDEO: How Sunbelt Rentals is Keeping Frontline Workers Cool This Summer

As temperatures rise at outdoor COVID-19 testing and vaccination sites, frontline workers and patients may be at risk due to extreme conditions and poor air ventilation. Sunbelt Rentals has provided turnkey solutions to many of these sites, helping maintain safe and comfortable conditions. Check out our video to see all the ways we help keep these sites running smoothly. Our solutions include:

  • Portable cooling
  • Air quality and environmental conditioning
  • Temporary power generation
  • Independent lighting, and more!

Need help keeping your project cool as the temperatures rise? 

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Air Quality Management

Sunbelt Rentals offers equipment specifically designed to protect against the spread of airborne viruses – from HEPA filtration, odor control, and specialty medical grade UV scrubbers.

Power Generation

Whether you need to load test a construction site or keep a plant online, available and reliable power solutions from Sunbelt Rentals allows you to get the job done.

 Flooring Solutions

Whether it’s hardwood, carpet, turf, grass, pavement or concrete, Sunbelt Rentals has the floor care and maintenance solution you need to get the job done right.