Not Just a Shoring Solution, A Lifesaver

While it’s often ignored to lower costs and save time, trench safety equipment is vital for protecting your workers — and your productivity. Help prevent accidents, injuries, and fatalities on the job with our cost-effective trench safety solutions. We have you covered with pit-box configurations, slide rail systems and site-specific engineered systems, and you can count on our industry-leading expertise and partnership every step of the way.

Trench Safety Solutions to Fit Every Project 

You don’t have to dig deep to find a perfect shoring solution. With an extensive roster of trench safety equipment, our experts can provide you with options to fit to your project’s specifications when and where you need them. Browse some of our most popular solutions below. 

Road Plates 

Secure open trench areas with these solid covers, which allow vehicles and pedestrians safe passage over excavated areas on job sites and beyond. 

Steel Trench Shields

Designed to support the soil and prevent cave-ins, these steel or aluminum structures come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit your trench dimensions.  

Engineered Systems

Sunbelt Rentals delivers solutions to accelerate construction projects in a safe and efficient manner.

Combat Excess Groundwater

Pumps for underground dewatering that handle large volumes of air and water in vertical or horizontal orientation.

Slide Rail Systems

A flexible solution that adjusts to fit your trench size and depth, vertical rails are installed during excavation and panels are inserted to support the soil. 

Aluminum Trench Shields

These shields come in two types: light, sturdy aluminum for small-scale excavations, and strong, durable steel for larger work and heavier soil conditions.

Manhole Boxes

Providing protection and support for manholes or similar structures, these systems are designed for excavations related to underground utility work.  

Vertical Hydraulic Shores

Through a combination of hydraulic pressure and vertical beams, these adjustable support systems provide lateral support to trench walls

Powerful, Silent Debris Removal

Quiet pumps for trash removal with easy maintenance and debris handling capabilities in noise-sensitive areas.

Efficient Solids and Debris Handling

Debris-handling pumps featuring a unique chopping system that reduces clogs and extends pump life.

Efficient Sludge Removal

Reliable pumps for handling thick and viscous materials efficiently in tough environments.

Powerful and Reliable Pumping

Pumps delivering high flow rates and solid handling capabilities with durable construction and easy maintenance.